Do you sniff your partners underarm?

Do you sniff your partners underarm?

If you do, don't worry you are completely normal!

Couples reveal their weird relationship rules

Being in a relationship means you spend a large amount of your time with your partner and you get very used to one another's habits.

To a point, it can get a very weird!

For example, this list below put together by BuzzFeed is all the weird and gross things that couples do and you don't really realise they are doing it.

  1. Checking each other’s noses for bogeys.
  2. Checking their ears for wax.
  3. Helping them get morning gunk out of their eye.
  4. Squeezing their spot that’s in a hard-to-reach place.
  5. Chatting to each other when one of you is having a wee.

These are just a few examples of the weird things couples get up to. 

Are there any super weird things you and your partner do?

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