Kingsmead cricket ground is now Kingsmead swimming pool

Kingsmead cricket ground is now Kingsmead swimming pool

The recent storm has left Durban devastated. Just ask this iconic landmark...

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Durban residents are picking up the pieces after the #DurbanStorm saw roofs being blown off buildings, walls collapsing, and trees being uprooted as gusts of wind accompanied the heavy rain.

Several areas around Durban experienced extreme flooding and one of those areas was Kingsmead Cricket Ground. A video was posted by South African hockey player Lloyd Madsen to Twitter showing the extreme conditions of the ground and it courted reaction from a few people – including Kevin Pietersen.

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Needless to say, play will definitely be delayed for a while.

The provincial social development MEC Weziwe Thusi has confirmed the latest death toll from the storm now stands at eight people. She says further casualties can be expected - with several people reported missing.

The emergency medical services are doing the best they can.

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