Kriya's winter wonderland holiday in Norway

Kriya's winter wonderland holiday in Norway

Ticking of those bucket list holidays is such thrill but actually planning that can be quite challenging. Kriya shares how she travelled to see the Northern Lights.

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We all have those ideal places we dream of visiting. Maybe its to lie in a hammock over the ocean, swim with dolphins or go skiing in the French Alps.

This year I had the opportunity to tick off one of my dream holidays. I travelled to Norway and Svalbard to go see the Northern Lights.

 When a few friends heard about the trip there we two opinions. One, why would you travel almost to the North Pole and give up South Africa's peak summer period to go to -18° and two how in the world did you plan a trip like this.

So to answer both questions I put together a few vlogs along the way that really show why Norway is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been to.

First we spend a bit of time in Oslo the captial of Norway. The city is built around the marina and the Oslofjord. The most popular attractions are the Nobel Peace museum which is a must see as well as the Viking Museum.

Thank you Norway!!! It's been real!!! #travelgram #travelling #travel #ZKTravelDiaries #norway🇳🇴 #oslo

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The Viking ship yard! #norway🇳🇴 #travelling #travel #travelgram #ZKTravelDiaries

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We then travelled to the coast to a town called Bergen on what is said to be the most beautiful train ride in the world and I can definitely attest to that! Once in Bergen we we boarded an explorer ship to travel north, making our way to Svalbard and stopping off at a few town along the way. The explorer ship is nothing in comparison to the big cruise liners but  it definitely is luxurious and a great way to travel.

After disembarking in a town called Tromso we made our way to the beautiful yet freezing cold island of Svalbard. 

Svaldbard is the Northern most town in the world and is only 1200km away from the geometric North Pole. It has a population of just over 2500 people. 

Here we experienced the polar night which is 24 hours of darkness. We also went snowmobiling and dog sledding with temperatures reaching a warm -18°. Here we also got to experience the most amazing site, the Northern Lights.

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