Need to vent? Kriya is here to help!

Need to vent? Kriya is here to help!

Unleash your rage!

Angry woman

Whether you've had a bad day at school, someone stole your parking or your local shop just doesn't stock the right biscuits, let us know. Kriya is here to be your punching bag and will play out your vents every Tuesday evening during the Kriya Gangiah show.

So as soon as something irritates you, send your voice note and a message with #LetItGo to 076 146 0009.

Can you imagine losing out on a job an failing a test.

We have all had a problem with cellphone service providers before but this woman has had enough.

I am sure that a lot of women struggle with this same problem. This woman just can't deal with her husband's mess.

This is what came through for the very first #LetItGo.

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