Talking app development and Pokemon GO on #TheLateShow Chats

Talking app development and Pokemon GO on #TheLateShow Chats

At the moment Pokemon GO is one of the biggest apps in he world but we don't have it in South Africa. Kriya finds out from Rishal Hurbans why.

Apps are one of the most lucrative industries in the world and is a booming industry in South Africa. The Late Show Chats focuses on app development, how to publish your app and how to turn it into a bit of cash.

Currently Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm and it is currently the only thing that people can talk about. We find out from Rishal Hurbans why we can't download it in South Africa at the moment.

All the articles around Pokemon GO say it is the best application of augmented reality, but what exactly is augmented reality?

If you are interested in developing an app here are a few helpful tips for our expert.

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