At what age should children be allowed to use cellphones?

At what age should children be allowed to use cellphones?

In this day and age, with the increase of technology, at which age do you think a child should get their first cellphone?

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Over the Women's Day public holiday, I was lucky enough to spend time with a few phenomenal women that are not only career-orientated, but also mothers.

One topic of conversation that came up between a friend and I was that of technology and children. She is currently at the stage of her life where her child is asking for a cellphone. The only catch is that he is eight years old!

Now, obviously I was a little shocked by this for a number of reasons. Firstly, in this day and age, is it a good idea to open your children up to the "wonders" of the world at such an early age? They could potentially get involved in the scary online scams that we hear about everyday. There is also the problem of safety, and is the child old enough to look after the device?

I asked you, at what age should children get cellphones? Interestingly enough there are some parents that have given their children cellphones as early as six years old. Take a listen to the responses below.

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