7de Laan's beloved Hilda gets a makeover

7de Laan's beloved Hilda gets a makeover

When you hear the name Hilda and 7de Laan, you automatically think of a neck scarf and a chef's coat.

Hilda 7de Laan FB
7de Laan Amptelik/Facebook

But the actress Annelisa Weiland has stepped out with a whole new look. 

We think her stylist has done a fabulous job!

The photo of the 'new' Hilda as shared on the 7de Laan Amptelik Facebook page. 

It's seem Oubaas' absence has been good for ou Hilda.



fans are absolutely loving the new look. 

We can't but love Hilda!

What do you think of Hilda's look?

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