#Budget2017 Klop jou geld?

#Budget2017 Klop jou geld?

There's nothing quite like a little dry humour and throwing shade to add some entertainment to an otherwise wordy budget speech.

Pravin Gordhan

Seeing finance minister Pravin Gordhan in action today makes us believe he could join Yaaseen Barnes, Jason Goliath and the likes if he happens to get the boot as speculated.

The minister dropped his infamous lion and buffalo analogy once again - make of it what you like, but it sounds to us like he's throwing shade. 

We think our finance minister has a rather dry sense of humour and maybe it's needed when you have such a serious job!

The Late Show thought we'd add to the dry jokes with our own special version of a knock-knock joke.


The knock-knock joke is a "call and response" joke, usually ending with a pun. 

On The Late Show we end it by playing you a very punny song!

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