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I was blacklisted and found out five years later

Debt can weigh you down and clearing your name can be such a tedious process that it will leave you wanting to abandon ship.


I never thought i’d be indebted. I pride myself on living well within my means – always. Or so I thought. 

As soon as I hit the age to own a cellphone all on my own I jumped at the chance. 

Getting ‘free minutes’ and data seemed appealing and I headed over to a cellphone network company.

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Several companies told me I do not qualify for a cellphone contract.

I didn’t understand. How could I not qualify to pay R300 every month for two years?

I always thought I didn’t earn enough as a young working adult and went back to the network company to apply again.

Every year they told me the same thing: “You do not qualify.”

After five years, I eventually solved the mystery. I had been blacklisted.

Without any communication –  no phone call, e-mail or post.

I had a judgment against my name – debt that wasn’t even mine to begin with.

I owed close to R29 000 in university fees that I was completely unaware of thanks to a guardian who had not paid the money I had given them every month for my studies.

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The moment I found out about my judgement, I paid the full outstanding amount. However, the judgment, like a black mark against my name, is yet to be removed. It’s  two months after having settled the account.

How do you rid yourself from being blacklisted?

The Late Show’s Carla Mackenzie spoke to Debt Rescue on how to manage your debt and the steps you need to take if you have been blacklisted without being informed.

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