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Uproar over name of new Johannesburg restaurant - is it tasteless?

It's all in the name they say. 

Misohawni signage

A restaurant in the heart of Johannesburg has caused a social media uproar and it's all because of the new eatery's name, Misohawni - as in miso paste and hawni (well you get the point).

The new and exciting restaurant has chosen a pun-intended name and it makes miso uncomfortable. 

The ramen restaurant in Melville is said to be inspired by similar underground spots the owners have visited in Berlin.

It will serve up a tasty few options of ramen, Korean BBQ and poké.

On seeing the name of the new eatery, scores of people took to Twitter to express their disf(l)avour.

Restaurant co-owner Ryan Vermaak says he is unaware of the negative comments about the name. 

There are those who find humour in the name.

Is this new Johannesburg restaurant's name tasteless?

Let The Late Show's Carla Mackenzie know in the comments below!

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