Watter taal praat jy?

Watter taal praat jy?

South Africa is melting pot of cultures, religions, races and languages and the beauty of our nation lies in our diversity.

Mother Language Day

Today, 21 February marks International Mother Language Day and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate. 

Language transcends beyond just words. For us at Jacaranda FM, music is the language we speak. 

Music has a way of connecting people even when you don't understand the words being spoken.  

The Late Show host Carla Mackenzie's chats to Grammy Award winning producer Darryl Torr about the language of music. 

Torr worked on the Soweto Gospel Choir album which won them the Grammy Award for 'Best Traditional World Music Album' in 2007.

These are just some of the languages spoken at the Jacaranda FM HQ.

The best part about languages in South Africa, is the colourful words we've managed to come up with that just can't be translated!

Let us know what your favourite such word is.

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