Woman exposes cheating 'boyfriend' on Instagram

Woman exposes cheating 'boyfriend' on Instagram

A South African woman took to Instagram on Monday night, exposing a man she had let into her life and heart only to find out seven months later that he in fact had a girlfriend when they started dating and that ultimately she was just his side chick.


She exposed him for his "lies and deceit", cautioning women against falling for his charm. 

In a series of posts which have since been deleted, she said he misled her.

Luckily we screen-grabbed it all.

The man in question has since deleted ALL his profiles on social media. 


After exposing him, she claims he threatened to release nudes of her which she had shared with him during their relationship. 


Infidelity can be excruciatingly painful and instead of accepting their wrongs, often men retaliate and hurt the person they claimed to have loved. 

You not only hurt one person, but also the person you were having an affair with (in this case the woman didn't know he was in a different relationship) as well as the person you were initially dating, your mutual friends and family.


I've heard many excuses about why men cheat. These are the ones that pop up in my head straight away:

- "My dad was unfaithful so it runs in my blood."

- "Men weren't designed to only have one woman."

- "I really like more than one woman. There's no reason why I should not pursue another woman."

- "I have money. I can get anything I want."


As soon as the woman stands up for herself and tells people she was hurt, you threaten her because your infidelity was exposed to the world?


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