If you are a parent you NEED to watch this!

If you are a parent you NEED to watch this!

Finding out the truth of what your children may do when you are not around will terrify you, just like this kidnapping video will!

Dangers of social media
Coby Persin

Technology and social media networks have become a daily essential for children now-a-days.

Most parents can agree that seeing their children with their cellphones planted to their hands and faces is a common sight, but just what are their children doing on their phones? Who are they talking to? What type of conversations are they having?  Who are they meeting up with on weekends? 

Most also like to believe that "my daughter/son will never do such a thing! We raised them right!", but like these parents found out you can never be too sure.

This video by Coby Persins puts children and the dangers of social media in a very sobering light.

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