VIRAL ALERT: "Leggings ain't pants". How to NOT wear Leggings.

VIRAL ALERT: "Leggings ain't pants". How to NOT wear Leggings.

Tennesse Women's hilarious rant on why 'leggings ain't pants' has gone viral.

leggins aint pants

We have all encountered it at least once since the leggings fashion trend hit South Africa a few years back. 

Now, the things is leggings do not come with instructions so many women are left guessing how to wear them without giving the world a glimpse of their personals. 

Oh, and Leggings 101: DO NOT BEND OVER!  Ladies if you need to fetch something off the floor lower yourself by bending your knees but whatever you do do not bend over whilst wearing leggings, they will stretch and show the world things only your husband should see. 

But that's enough from us we will let Jamie Higdon-Randolph, who is now an internet celebrity, explain exactly how to NOT wear leggings in her viral rant:

Brian Morgan has posted his counter Public Service Announcement about leggings from men's perspective and it is just as Brilliant as Jamie's. 

The best part being: "As long as your Ding-a-ings and your who-ha's are behind the barn door..."

"Leggins ain't pants. Oh Really?!"

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