Over 10,000 exotic goldfish compete in beauty contest

Over 10,000 exotic goldfish compete in beauty contest

There are lots of fish in the sea, but for China, these are the most striking.

Goldfish compete in beauty contest

Over 10,000 goldfish of all shapes and sizes stunned judges at an annual beauty contest that was held in Fuzhou, China.

In the competition, the beauties were divided according to their breed into 26 groups, and each group was awarded gold, silver or bronze.

He Wei, who was a judge at the competition, told cbs12.com that the criteria they used to judge was firstly, the “contestants” had to meet the traits of the original breed and secondly, they are judged according to how they swim.

According to Wei, the goldfish are the result of years of cultivation and they are quite expensive, averaging $1,500 (R20,000) each.

The “panda butterfly tail” goldfish is the one that captivated the judges this time around. It is difficult to breed and maintain the black and white colours. Goldfish originated from China and are the world’s earliest breed of ornamental fish, the judge added.

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