Guide to being a JHB girl

Guide to being a JHB girl

South African DJ/Producer Mark Stent shared a funny post on how to tell if you are a Jozi girl.

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This made us chuckle: 

mark stent

The original post, titled 'How To Be A Durban Babe', was drawn up by Durban musician Ryan Morris.

This made us think of one we read last year about how to tell if you are from Johannesburg. How many do you agree with?

- You have a minimum of five worst taxi stories.

- The last time you drove your car without swearing at someone was when you took your driving test.

- It takes you an hour and a half to drive 5km to work in the morning and you think "wow, good traffic day."

- You can get into a four-hour argument about the quickest way out of Sunninghill after work on a Friday, but can't find Boksburg on a map.

- You have more barbed wire around your home than Diepkloof Prison.

- You consider Midrand the 'countryside'.

- You own hiking boots and a 4x4, neither of which have ever touched dirt.

- You have 20 different menus next to your phone.

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