Home budget speech - what does your partner want you to stop spending money on?

Home Budget Speech: What does your partner want you to stop spending money on?

We've all got our addictions and not everyone understands our 'need' for certain things, especially our other halves.


When you're a saver and have a spender for a partner, things can get a bit tense to say the least. 

Women especially get frustrated when their spouse isn't “on the same page” with them in general. Now throw in a partner who spends household money on model car collections or one that buys every latest gadget as soon as it comes out.

Not to pick on men, but we know women are the ones that get the most frustrated with men when they think they're wasteful. 

While we can't help you with tips on how to get "on the same" page as your partner, we can have a bit of fun with it.

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Here's our list of totally unnecessary items we think certain people should stop buying:

1. Buying expensive branded clothing

There's nothing wrong with buying branded clothing, but when it becomes an obsession and your partner will only wear something if it's an expensive brand, then this could become an issue.


2. Collecting model cars

Most women don't really get this one, why do men collect these things?

Model Car collection

3. Expensive handbags

Okay, women are guilty of this one. Do you really need all those bags?

Birkin bags
Daily Mail

4. Fancy gadgets

When do you get time to play with these?

Fancy gadgets
The Verge

5. Expensive make-up collection

Unless you're a professional make-up artist and use this to make money, why do women spend so much money on make-up?

Expensive Makeup collection

What would you like your partner to stop buying? Let us know in the comments section below.

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