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Man's reaction to hearing wife will be kidney donor will have you in tears

Ever forgotten how valuable life is? Well, this will change that!

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Image: YouTube/ Heather Winfree

Have you got your tissues ready for this one? You are going to need them!

Having someone donate one of their organs to you is probably the most precious gift you can receive?  

A man from Tennessee, Steve Winfree, has been on dialysis for the past eight months while waiting for doctors to find him a matching kidney donor, but little did he know that his wife was working on something to help him. 

After having tests and consultations with doctors, his wife Heather found out that she was a match. After getting the nod from the doctors, she decided it would be a great idea to treasure the moment she told her husband the awesome news. 

She decided to film his reaction and we are filled with emotion after watching this!

Have you ever been an organ donor to someone in need? 

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