Sheep gives birth to half-human creature

Sheep gives birth to half-human creature

A sheep has given birth to a half-human, yes, a half-human creature in the Eastern Cape.

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The community of Lady Frere, in the Eastern Cape was left in shock after a sheep gave birth to a half-human half-lamb creature.

The elders in the community believe that the creature is "devil-sent" and that witchcraft lead to it being born. The Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development had to send the creature for further evaluation as a picture of it had been circulating around the community, causing fear and panic.

Dr Lubabalo Mrwebi who is the Chief Director of Veterinary Services said that at first glance, the still born lamb did resemble a human being however it was not!

The doctor also confirmed that the photo was not a hoax, it is a picture of a lamb that had been severely deformed due to it being affected by Rift Valley Fever during the early pregnancy stage of the sheep and nothing more.

How weird is that though?

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