Watch: when does PDA become OTT?

Watch: when does PDA become OTT?

Public Displays of Affection - also known as PDAs. When are they a bit too much? You know - Over The Top or OTT? 

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Each couple is unique, has it's own quirks and that perhaps is what keeps two people together - that they're different from the next couple. 

So what happens when your love and display is a bit too much for other people to take? Do you as a couple know what the boundaries are for behaviour in public as a loving couple?

This conundrum has lead to the conversation - when does PDA become OTT?

So the InterWebs have been exposed to this particular nugget of late, that has inspired this conversation. This is US popstar Jessica Simpson and her husband, former NFL star Eric Johnson: 


A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

Inappropriate? Awkward? Or alright since this is a married couple we're referring to?

How about PDAs seen at weddings? Watch the first kiss from these virgins who chose to keep that for their wedding day - brave or no?

Mzantsi Sunday television staple Our Perfect Wedding saw what was quite an epic wedding kiss - too much for public consumption or alright because it's two people in love?

Let Martin know: when does PDA become OTT? #MBDShow

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