This is why you should never play with fire!

This is why you should never play with fire!

Ever been told not to mess with fire? Well, these guys learned that the hard way...

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If there is one thing that South Africans love, it has to be making a fire. 

There is nothing better than sitting at home watching a fire while having a nice braai. However, some seem to take it to a whole other level. 

A group of friends thought it would be a great idea to fuel a huge bonfire with fire starters and what looks like petrol. In the video you can see one man lacing the large heap of logs and material with fire accelerants.

The men, with their lit torches in hand, approach the wooden heap and toss their lit torches onto the wood. Immediately the large heap of wood catches alight and explodes, causing the group of men to scatter and prevent themselves from being set alight. 

This is definitely NOT what you should do... ever!

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