Airbnb host shares the ups and downs of hosting

Airbnb host shares the ups and downs of hosting

The things that some guests do before checking out...

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There are many appealing properties that everyone would love to enjoy on Airbnb. From a Shrek-themed holiday house to a tent that costs R14,000. 

But like anything in life, there are those that will respect other people's things and those that don't.

We've heard of stories where people have stayed at places and not taken care of it. Leaving the host in a bind with damage costs. 

How people can do that is beyond our understanding. But it does happen and it can end up being quite a costly affair fo the host. 

Airbnb is a reputable company that allows property owners to advertise their properties to the public. And, of course, we all know that it comes with a fair fee. 

But sometimes how the host hands the property over to the guest isn't how they find it when the guest checks out.

As one Airbnb host called it, "the ups and downs of hosting". 

Watch what happened to his property below, courtesy of TikTok

@adzo365 Hosting has its ups and downs and disasters #airbnb #host #flooded #tinyhome #cleaning #somuchfun ♬ original sound - adzo365


Interestingly enough, the host didn't seem phased by the whole occurrence. He took it in his stride. We wish we all could be that way about life's 'ups and downs'. 

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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