Are you a Netflix cheater? Find out here...

Are you a Netflix cheater? Find out here...

A survey conducted by Netflix in 2017 revealed that couples who watched Netflix were cheating on one another by watching episodes ahead of their partners.

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One might call cheating an unforgivable act that you cannot come back from.

However, we have come to learn that there are varied forms of cheating when you are in a relationship. 

Some are acceptable, some not so much. 

When it comes Netflix and Chill sessions, there are those couples that believe it is pure sanctity to wait for one another when it comes to watching your favourite shows together. 

And, interestingly enough, in 2017, Netflix conducted a survey that revealed a modern-day cheating woe - Netflix cheating. 

According to, "Netflix cheating is when you watch future episodes of a show you and your partner enjoy on Netflix but without your partner's knowledge. It is considered "cheating" because you are betraying your partner's trust, and it's typically done in secret." 

If that doesn't sum up modern relationships, then we don't know what does...

The Netflix survey revealed that 46% of couples watch episodes without waiting for their partners and the total of Netflix cheaters has tripled since the first survey that was conducted in 2013.

Even though this sort of cheating is not as serious as physically cheating with someone else whilst in a relationship, it can cause problems in relationships. 

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The reasons behind Netflix cheating are varied. 

Sometimes it could be as a result of one partner not enjoying long hours of binging, other times it could be because one partner is busy all the time or asleep when it's time to binge. 

Some top-mentioned series that people Netflix cheat with include 'The Walking Dead', 'Breaking Bad', and 'Stranger Things'. 

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