Student eats banana artwork worth millions

Student eats banana artwork worth millions

Banana artwork that is worth R2.2 m was eaten by a student because he skipped breakfast...

A banana taped to a wall
A banana taped to a wall/Instagram Screenshot/@shwan.han

Art is meant to be something that is consumed in a subjective manner, but some artists take things to the extreme. 

'Iconic artwork that was titled “Comedian,” by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, was on display as part of an exhibition called “WE” at the Leeum Museum of Art, which specializes in traditional Korean art and contemporary art.' (NY Post)

The artwork was in fact a banana taped to a wall and is said to have been valued at $120,000 (R2.2-million).

And it seems that one person did not take this piece of art too seriously. In fact, it was a college student who has made the headlines for consuming the artwork. 

He defended his actions by saying that he had skipped breakfast and was hungry. 

Noh Huyn-soo, a student at Seoul National University, visited the museum last week and was caught on video snacking on the banana. 


WATCH what happened below, courtesy of Instagram. Click the arrow to watch the video. 

It's his spiciness that caught our attention...

'After snacking on the forbidden fruit, the ravenous museumgoer reattached the peel to the wall using the artist’s duct tape and calmly walked away.' (NY Post)

In other museum art news from years gone by, a teenager who left their spectacles on the floor as a prank got people thinking that the spectacles were part of the exhibition. 

Teenagers Kevin Nguyen, 16, and TJ Khayatan, 17, placed "glasses on the floor below an official-looking piece of paper to see how it would be received by gallery-goers." (The Guardian)

It seems that nowadays modern art can be interpreted in many ways...

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