Cause of migraines turn out to be worm eggs in man's brain

Cause of migraines turn out to be worm eggs in man's brain

This is wild!

A X ray of a person's brain
A X ray of a person's brain/Instagram Screenshot/@People

It's not often that you would associate migraines with worms, but the possibility is real. 

A 52-year-old man from Florida, USA sought medical attention because of his chronic migraine headaches, but things took a bizarre turn when he found out what the cause was. 

"Scans revealed multiple cysts on both sides of his brain that turned out to be pork tapeworm eggs." (Metro)

The report about his case was published in the American Journal of Case Reports. It revealed that the tapeworm eggs were causing swelling under his skull, which is what caused the regular migraines. 

"It’s thought the eggs were the result of eating infected undercooked bacon, as the man told medics he often ate ‘soft bacon’, preferring it to the crispy version. Microscopic eggs could have entered his intestine, leading to a tapeworm developing and laying eggs that ended up in his faeces." (Metro)

The doctors said it was unusual for the US to encounter infected pork. 

The man was treated in the hospital and the cysts disappeared, he also experienced an improvement with the migraines. 

"Doctors advised patients who see a change in their migraines should undergo further testing to rule out a tape worm infection." (Metro)

It's also important to make sure you are washing your food before cooking and cooking your food well before consuming. 

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