Check this 'Rave Baby' and her moves

Check this 'Rave Baby' and her moves

Okay, we don't want to ruin the partying, but should this kid even be allowed at a rave?

Baby dancing in the mud at a music festival
Baby dancing in the mud at a music festival/Instagram Screenshot/@dimitrivegas/

Globally, people flock to music festivals.

There's something about dancing in the dirt and mud that appeals to the masses.

A video shared by a DJ shows a baby standing in the mud, surrounded by a crowd of people ready to bop to the beat. 

Without commenting on the appropriateness of having a baby at a 'Rave' like a music festival, can we just appreciate this kid's moves and confidence? 

Courtesy of Instagram

The comments were split between people deeming this inappropriate and those who celebrated this child's confidence and grit. 

As much as we would not cheer this behaviour, we must admit it was cute to watch. Perhaps there is another reason behind the kid being there; for instance, the parent is working at the festival?

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Image Courtesy of Instagram


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