Crazy tiny apartment building in Japan leaves many feeling claustrophobic

Crazy tiny apartment building in Japan leaves many feeling claustrophobic

This looks like something that belongs in the world of 'Alice in Wonderland'...

Tiny apartment building in Japan
Tiny apartment building in Japan/TikTok Screenshot/@jungle.boiii

Getting value for your money is not always easy in the current economic situation. 

When it comes to property, there is this rise and fall with interest rates, fluctuating property prices, and strenuous obstacles in getting home loans. 

So, of course, there are those who will take advantage of that and build properties that aren't luxurious but lean towards the side of practicality. 

A property that we came across that is being labelled as 'crazy', didn't get that label for no good reason. 

A content creator who shows properties in Japan showcased a tiny apartment building in Japan. 

The crazy part, aside from its narrow build, is that it is located in a good neighbourhood. We say this because usually weird or tiny apartments are located in 'not-so-great' neighbourhoods.

Check out the video of him visiting the outside and inside of the tiny apartment building. 

Courtesy of YouTube


The question we are eager to ask is, how is this legal? 

Perhaps the rules are different in Japan, but living in such a small space really does leave one feeling somewhat claustrophobic. 

People shared their opinions in the comments section. Check out some of the ones that we resonated with the most: 

pinkisflammable: "This is one of the few tiny apartments that gets a “nope” from me. I feel like I’d be perpetually bruised from hitting things." 

superturn: "Never gotten claustrophobia from a video before. Thanks, man. Really an experience." 

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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