Customer discovers card skimmer at grocery store

Customer discovers card skimmer at grocery store

The way the cashier acted so nonchalantly was surprising to us...

A customer peels back a card scamming device
A customer peels back a card scamming device/TikTok Screenshot/@amarimenendez

Card skimming and cloning are not crimes we are new to in South Africa. It is certainly something that goes unnoticed for the most part. 

Most of the time, criminals attach skimming devices to the actual card machine and customers are duped when using their cards. If you do not look closely, the skimming device can go unnoticed. 

The device reads your card information and takes funds from your account. 

The amount of scams that are circulating is truly horrendous, but a reality none of us can shy away from. 

The video we found of a card skimming device is from Los Angeles, California, USA. 

Check it out below, courtesy of TikTok

@amarimenendez found a skimmer at 711 be careful !! 17262 Vanowen St Van nuys, CA 91406 United States #fyp #foryou #scanner #skimmer ♬ original sound - amarimenendez

As much as there are many technological advancements in combatting scams, it is up to cardholders to be aware and alert in any and every situation that involves their money. 

Here are some tips on how to spot a card skimmer or fake card reader:

  • "Remember, if the card reader or keypad feels loose, out of alignment, or out of place, there’s a chance it could have a skimmer attached. If that’s the case, avoid using it and alert the business." 
  • "Skimmers may also be paired with a hidden camera to record a personal identification number (PIN) or even a keypad overlay to record your keystrokes. Look closely above the card reader to see if any holes are pointing down to where you would enter a PIN." This is why it is advisable to cover your pin when you are entering it onto the keypad. 
  • Tap-to-pay options aren't just considered easier to use, they are considered a 'safer' option as criminals don't get to see your pin, but tap-to-pay options also have scammers cloning your card, so stay alert. 

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