Dad's emotional response to slime-covered hair

Dad's emotional response to slime-covered hair

We can understand his emotion, growing your hair is no joke...

A father sits in the shower with bubblegum in his hair
A father sits in the shower with bubblegum in his hair/Instagram Screenshot/@jonjon_o_super_pai_oficial

Hair growth is different for everyone. Sometimes, the growth represents something for the person developing their hair. It could mean something sentimental or representative of a bad patch. 

Regardless, each person's hair represents a piece of their journey. 

We are still determining the entire story behind this man's hair growth, but it was genuinely emotional to watch him tear up when he found his hair covered in hardened slime. 

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In the video, we see the man in tears over his ruined hair. 

His toddler stands nearby, watching him respond to his hair; all the while, he looks at her sadly. We think that she might be the reason behind his now pink hair, but we are not certain. 

We know that kids love to explore. It won't be the last time we see kids experiment with hair, but usually, it is their own hair. 

Watch how things turned out for this father who was forced to chop off his hair. 

We used the translation option on the video and discovered that the substance was slime. He had been sleeping and woke up to find the pink slime all over his hair. 

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