Dads, this is how to get rid of kids from your work area

Dads, this is how to get rid of kids from your work area

Kids are born curious, so we cannot blame this little one for wanting to explore her dad's work area. 

Little girl getting blown with a blower vacuum
Little girl getting blown with a blower vacuum/TikTok Screenshot/@tw4dall

Kids have a way of being in places they aren't necessarily allowed. 

As much as they usually can get away with anything and everything, there are those moments when you just want them out of your space. 

In this case, it was a father who went to inventive lengths to remove his daughter from his garage/workshop. 

In a video, we see a little girl playing in her father's toolbox. He is not impressed and takes his blower vacuum and directs it at her. 

She gets a shock and immediately gets up and runs off. One thing is for certain, the blower vacuum certainly gives her hair a good blowdry. 

It is amusing to watch but sadly, it doesn't keep her away for long...

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@tw4ndall So funny 😂❤️ @W4ndall This man just found a new way to deter his daughter from meddling with his work items. 🤨🔒 But it looks like she is going to do it again.. 😅🤦‍♂️ Via Kylie.ree21 on TikTok #fyp #funny #dad #humor #family #cute #hilarious #video #toddler #creative #parenting #w4ndall ♬ a way out - my head is empty & Miranda Rain

The comments were hilarious:

  • "She got out of there like a leaf!"
  • "Wait until she enjoys it, you will regret it!!"
  • "She will never mess up with your stuff"
  • "The little mechanic doesn't like engine noises"
  • "I don't think she will come back"

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Image Courtesy of TikTok


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