Do you have an intimate relationship with your car?

Do you have an intimate relationship with your car?

A man by the name of Nathaniel once shared on a documentary that he considered his car to be his lover...

Red convertible Coupe
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Now, there's a certain niche of men (and women) that have a connected and invested relationship with their cars. 

Yes, it can be something of a stereotype, but for the most part, it is only natural to admire an engineered piece of machinery that is able to do some extraordinary things. 

How far you take that relationship is on you though. Car washes and pimping is one thing, but objectification to the point of sensuality is another thing altogether. 

One man took things to the extreme when he got into a committed relationship with his car. 

"Nathaniel, 37, starred in a documentary back in 2012 where he shared his unusual relationship with his car, which he nicknamed Chase." (Mirror)

At this time, Nathaniel revealed his very intimate relationship with Chase. He went as far as saying that they shared a special song together and were lovers. 

You see, Nathaniel has a condition called Objectophilia

"Objectophilia is the paraphilia of feeling attraction, sexual desire or even love toward inanimate objects – and this does not refer to one’s empty relationship with their spouse. The subjects of this condition are often feeling deep commitment and devotion toward objects and are defined by being loyal and communicative with these items, devices or things." (Digital Cultures)

Sadly, his love story with Chase came to an end when Chase was involved in a terrible accident and now Nathaniel is in a relationship with a female car named Lex. 


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