Driver alley docks like a professional

Driver alley docks like a professional

This driver cracked the code on his reversing skills. 

A vehicle reversing into a parking space with egg guidelines
A vehicle reversing into a parking space with egg guidelines/X Screenshot/@HowThingsWork_

Thinking back to the days of learning how to drive seems like a distant memory for many people.

It could be said that learning how to drive wasn't just a coming-of-age practice, it also is a moment that not everyone experienced in the same way. 

For some drivers, it was smooth sailing, but for others, you could say that it was an uphill battle. 

We found a video that shows the ultimate reverse parking skills test. A driver has to reverse into a parking space and make sure that the tyres of the car glide into the guideline which is set forth with eggs. 

We're unsure as to which country this was in but in the video that was shared on X, we see the driver do a superb job. 

From the looks of the writing on the side of the car, it looks like an Asian country. We were nervous at first, thinking it might be an epic fail, but it seems this driver is the perfect trainer for 'alley docking', which is what we call it in South Africa. 

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Image Courtesy of X


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