Ex-boyfriend sued for not taking his girl to the airport

Ex-boyfriend sued for not taking his girl to the airport

Sometimes, spite doesn't take you anywhere...

A woman waiting with her suitcase at the airport
A woman waiting with her suitcase at the airport/iStock/@nicoletaionescu

When you decide to sue someone, according to the law, you have to have valid and law-worthy grounds. 

One woman has become the talk of the town because she sued her ex-boyfriend

"She accused her boyfriend at the time of allegedly breaching a 'verbal contract' in which he agreed to take her to the airport, stay in her house and look after her dogs." (BBC)

A legal document said that a woman, who is referred to as CL, asked her boyfriend to pick her up from her home and take her to the airport

He was also supposed to care for her dogs in her absence. After he failed to uphold their 'verbal agreement', she missed her flight and incurred several other additional costs. 

Therefore, she decided to file a claim against him in the small claims court and accused him of inconveniencing her and costing her money.  

What was shocking to learn was that the couple had been together for six and a half years until this airport dispute. 

"Partners, friends, and colleagues make social arrangements, but it is unlikely they can be legally enforced unless the parties perform some act that demonstrates an intention that they will be bound by their promises," tribunal referee Krysia Cowie wrote in the decision document.

"When friends fail to keep their promises, the other person may suffer a financial consequence, but it may be that they cannot be compensated for that loss.

"The referee found 'the nature of the promises were exchanged as a normal give and take in an intimate relationship' and fell short of being a contract." (BBC)

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