Fancy paying R700 for a toasted sandwich?

Fancy paying R700 for a toasted sandwich?

That must be one special sandwich...

White and blue steam iron on cheese bread
White and blue steam iron on cheese bread/Pexels

We've heard of some unique and pricey dishes in our time. Like truffle covered French fries and R700 burgers and fries in Dubai. 

But justifying the cost for something that seems like a regular kitchen meal can be anything but easy. 

We guess this is what happened with this menu item at a fine dining Michelin Star restaurant in Dubai. 

Noor, a food and and lifestyle blogger, shared a video of a recent review, a cheese and chicken toasted sandwich.

A cheesie, a toastie, cheese toast, toasted sandwich, whatever you choose to call this common go-to meal for many people, paying a whopping R700 doesn't quite seem fitting. 

Although we have seen many interpretations of this wholesome, hearty, and humble sarmie, it is a complete knockout to hear the cost of this sandwich. 

"In the video, a server comes to her with a chicken tikka filling sandwiched between two pieces of white bread. Then, he takes out a heavy and hot iron and presses it down on the sandwich to make it crisp. This sandwich is served with some masala fries." (MSN)

The blogger shares that this isn't what she usually posts on her account, and the sarmie was not what she was expecting. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of Instagram

Considering that the waiter said that this is how many people in the hostels prepare their toasted sandwiches, it seems as though a high-end, fine dining restaurant is taking advantage of a simple meal. 

Many people were shocked at the price that the food blogger paid. She paid AED 150, which is approximately R718. 

The restaurant, Carnival By Tresind, describe themselves as catering to a "myriad of cultures" and is "one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai." 

We're wondering if this is something that anyone in their right mind would pay for, because let's be honest, even this food blogger doesn't really give away whether this was worth the moola. 

Image Credit: Pexels


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