Fancy a whole frog with your ramen?

Fancy a whole frog with your ramen?

Hop on this trend...

Frog inside bowl of ramen at restaurant
Frog inside bowl of ramen at restaurant/Facebook/@VNEX.Taiwan

When you think of Asian food, we can firmly say that sometimes there is not much that is left to the imagination. 

In other words, they are not afraid of serving food in its original form. That comes from a place of pride, as they serve up dishes that are not only filled with flavour, but also filled with heritage. 

But for the mainstream world, that can be a hard pill to swallow, or in this case, a hard frog to digest. 

"A ramen shop in Yunlin, Taiwan is giving the phrase “exotic food” a whole new meaning with its latest dish, a ramen bowl containing an uncut, unpeeled frog." (Oddity Central)

Many have said over the years that eating frogs can be closely described as eating chicken. 

All is well and good, but it is the earthy nature and not-so-appealing look of seeing dead animals on your plate in their original form that can leave a person without an appetite. 

The Frog Ramen dish recently went viral on social media after the Taiwanese ramen shop Yuan Ramen posted a pic of the dish, asking people to suggest names for it. 


The dish is available on the menu on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in limited quantities. 

You will pay NT$250 (R146.73) per bowl. If you prefer to take photos of the frog ramen, it won't be for free, it will also come at a cost of NT$100 (R58.69).

"The owner of Yuan Ramen told Taiwan News that they were inspired by the isopod ramen that went viral on social media last month. Since eating frogs is quite common around Yunlin, they decided to make their own eye-catching ramen, but with a local twist." (Oddity Central)

The restaurant will gauge the performance of the dish that some have tried and decide thereafter whether to add it to their menu officially. 

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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