Food delivery man travels with a jetpack in Dubai

Food delivery man travels with a jetpack in Dubai

And here we thought only The Paw Patrol pups and Ryder flew around with jetpacks...

A flying food delivery man in Dubai
A flying food delivery man in Dubai/TikTok Screenshot/@lovelouise128

The future of food delivery has taken a turn for the unbelievable. We saw drones delivering food and robotic servers at restaurants. 

And it seems that fly food delivery men are the new normal for people in cities like Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

It can be said that when you have money, anything is possible. This belief sure rings true for the privileged who can get their takeout delivered to their exact location using flying food deliverymen. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

It seems that Middle Eastern countries are peaking ahead when it comes to food delivery. In 2022, a video showing a delivery man flying between two buildings using a jetpack went viral, not to mention another video that showed a deliveryman using a horse to deliver food. 

It is believed that these videos were from Saudi Arabia. 

With the advancement of technology going above and beyond, we can say with surety that if you saw it on 'Paw Patrol', it isn't as impossible as you thought it might be. 

It seems not only Ryder and pups fly around using jetpacks...

Check out the video compilation from 2022. Courtesy of YouTube

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