Four-year-old rats on dad for being messy

Four-year-old rats on dad for being messy

When your four-year-old has dirt on you and is willing to use it, you better pick your socks up...

A man looking unhappy
A man looking unhappy/TikTok Screenshot/@badgmiji

We've long known about the relationship between dads and their daughters. 

In short, most fathers are like play dough in their little girls' hands. 

And we cannot say we blame them. Daughters have a way with their dads, a relationship based on honesty and authority (one guess who asserts the authority?)

A four-year-old set things straight with her dad when she made a video on how messy his office was. 

After making the video, she told her father she would show her mother. 

Dad acted calm but it seems he knew the repercussions if the video got out. So, he ran to clean up his mess when his 'boss' (toddler) gave him the chance. 

The way she narrated throughout the video was the definition of entertaining in our opinion. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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