Have you ever tried packing with an engineering graduate?

Have you ever tried packing with an engineering graduate?

A father will always try his best to make a plan. 

A person holding luggage
A person holding luggage/TikTok Screenshot/@chshellie

Fathers have a way of making a plan with pretty much everything. 

And that's not even when you ask them. Sometimes they just offer their services without even being asked. 

One father was happy to help his daughter with packing and organising luggage - and guess what... the dad is an engineering graduate. 

In a video that was posted late last year, we see a dad organising the family's luggage. 

He stands there with his problem-solving face and even holds his measuring tape in his hand. 

Meanwhile, his daughter, the one who posted the video, pans the camera over to another phone and scrolls through the car boot space specs. 

It's certainly a job for someone with an engineering background, for sure. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


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