Here are some ludicrous wedding rules

Here are some ludicrous wedding rules

Why invite anyone to your wedding if you have rules like this?

A wedding planner and colourful stationery
A wedding planner and colourful stationery/Pexels/@Natasha Fernandez

Wedding rules don't usually have to be spelled out to people, they are things that most people know not to do. 

But when it comes to weddings, we know that most bridal couples want things to be a certain way. The illusive 'perfect wedding' is still attainable for many and therefore you will find that couples tend to add a spin to things with things like etiquette rules. 

One thing is for certain, as much as it is within their right to be open about having rules, some couples lack tact and that can be so crass. 

This was the case for a wedding that brought with it a set of rules. But these were anything but ordinary. 

The first rule on the well-formatted list of rules read: "This is (name of bride) and (name of groom) big day, not yours." If that serves as an indicator of what to expect, then fasten your seatbelts. 

Here are some other rules that were included. 

  • "If you didn't put out any money for the wedding, keep your should've, could've, would've to yourself. Your opinion is irrelevant."
  • "No big announcements or proposals."
  • "If you can't handle or dislike the music being played, simply go home. This is a celebration, not a funeral."
  • "No outside liquor. If caught, you will be escorted out."

Here are some comments from Redditors about the rules: 

  • "Yeah. None of the rules are that bad. But it's weird that some of them have to be said (who are you inviting to your wedding that you have to tell them to not complain about your wedding?) and some said much more polite and fun."
  • "Yeah the majority of these are basic wedding wisdom anyway - just phrased aggressively. Trying to dictate what colours I’m wearing or whether I can sit down for a few minutes? Yeah no thanks. But for the rest of it it’s common sense and a guest who violated it would catch side-eyes and judgment."

In case you thought we were lying, here's a copy of the wedding rules that were shared on Reddit

After reading it again, we have to admit, we think it wasn't as crass as we thought, it was being blunt and who can blame them for being honest?

If someone sent this to me I would simply just not go
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