How much does bread cost in these seven African countries?

How much does bread cost in these seven African countries?

The price of bread has gone up in South Africa, in case you didn't already know...

Loaf of bread on a rack
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With the rising cost of fuel, food, and everything else, it is not surprising that people are even able to make it month to month, let alone day by day. 

The staples are what are most important and as much as we would've hoped for these to not have escalated, they have. 

The price of bread, for instance, has escalated across Africa. 

Bread is a staple in many homes and every cent that it increases affects families in a big way. 

According to, "A loaf of fresh white bread costs US$1.34 (R21.50) in Nigeria, the highest price among the selected African countries." (MSN)

On average, the price of a loaf of bread in South Africa is R14.50. 

But if you are the one buying a loaf at your local shop or tuck shop, you pay an average of R18.00 for a loaf of white, and R17.00 for a loaf of brown. 

"These are the seven African countries with the most expensive bread prices, according to Numbeo, the world's largest cost of living database:

Nigeria: $1.34 (R21.46).

South Africa: $0.94 in Cape Town, $0.92 in Durban, $0.92 in Johannesburg and $0.88 in Pretoria.

Uganda: $1.20.

Rwanda, Kigali: $1.02.

Zimbabwe, Harare: $0.99.

Ghana, Accra: $0.80.

Botswana, Gaborone: $0.76." (MSN)


The price of grain has peaked so much that many African households are being forced to ditch bread from their diet. 

Let us know which of the below you consume in your home. 

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