How often do you wash your pillowcases?

How often do you wash your pillowcases?

According to a recent report, the bacteria found in unwashed pillowcases are more than what you would find in a toilet seat. 

Woman putting pillowcase on pillow
Woman putting pillowcase on pillow/Pexels/@Liliana Drew

We are all for hygiene in all its forms and shapes, but we know that sometimes the stats that come with that can be scary. 

And one study that confirms that was conducted by Amerisleep, an American bed company. 

A recent report by Amerisleep revealed "that an unwashed pillowcase can accumulate three-million bacteria in just one week, which is roughly 17,000 times more than the average toilet seat." (Instagram)

Considering we sleep on our pillows for an average of eight hours (the recommended sleep time), it is only natural for us to sweat on them. 

Which naturally progresses to bacteria...

But the fact that these pillowcases could house more bacteria than a toilet seat, is absolutely crazy. 

"The analysis covered cleanliness information for mattresses, linens, and pillowcases, including a breakdown of the potentially harmful microorganisms found in between the sheets." (Instagram)

Not long ago we saw a study that revealed how often singletons changed their bed sheets. 

So, to hear that the item that we lay our heads on could be bacteria-ridden to such an extent should encourage us to wash our pillowcases more often. Also, washing our pillows as well wouldn't hurt. 

And in case you want to wash your pillow, here is a great tutorial on how to wash it. Courtesy of YouTube


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