Humans who identify as dogs congregate in Berlin

Humans who identify as dogs congregate in Berlin

We are just as shocked about this meeting of dog-identifying humans as you are...

Group of humans behaving like dogs in Berlin
Group of humans behaving like dogs in Berlin/X Screenshot/2Raymond82310289

Do you remember that story from a while back of a Japanese man who was known as Toco?

He fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a dog when he spent around R233k to create a dog costume that he could use. 

Toco revealed that he would love to meet more people who share his canine aspirations... and isn't that how the universe works, you ask and then you receive?

"An estimated 1,000 people who prefer to be recognised as not humans, but canines, organised a gathering at the Berlin Potsamer Platz railroad station in Germany, communicating only by howling or barking at one another." (New York Post)

Check out a short video of the dog-identifying humans below, courtesy of X:

We cannot imagine what the dogs have to say about this, but it certainly leaves us a little confused. 

Toco brought up the search for other 'therians', which has prompted experts to provide a clear distinction between 'therians' and 'furries'. 

"Experts have called for a differentiation between “therians,” people who “identify as a creature other than human,” and “furries,” individuals who enjoy cosplaying in animal suits." (New York Post)


It seems that these therians and furries use their identifications as a form of escapism. 

Like another internet hound-human sensation, Toru Ueda, a Tokyo engineer who spent $23,000 (R434,000) on a custom wolf suit.

“When I wear my costume I feel I’m no longer human,” Ueda, 32, previously told the UK Times. “I’m free of human relationships. All kinds of troubles, related to work and other things — I can forget about them.” (New York Post)

Image Courtesy of X

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