Influencer creates AI clone, charges fans R20 per minute

Influencer creates AI clone, charges fans R20 per minute

With a predominantly male audience and an endless amount of messages, she cannot keep up with her fanbase. 

A woman posing with long hair in front of a house
A woman posing with long hair in front of a house/Facebook/@CarynMarjorie

It seems that some people are all about materialising on their looks and are definitely using it as a lucrative way of making money. 

One influencer who is combining her large following with the use of AI tech is making a buzz online with her new launch. 

"Caryn Marjorie, 23, a social media influencer with nearly two million followers on Snapchat, never has time to talk to all her fans." (MSN)

Her posting schedule is done consistently throughout the day, but with her predominantly male following, she is unable to respond to the streams of messages she gets. 

Apart from the five hours a day paid engagement she commits to with her fans, she is still finding that many of her followers go without a reply. For this very reason, she has launched a progressive way of responding. 

"This week she launched CarynAI, an AI chatbot leveraging GPT-4 API technology developed by OpenAI that replicates her voice, mannerisms and personality. For $1 (about R20) a minute, fans can chat with CarynAI in an “immersive AI experience” that feels almost like speaking to Marjorie herself." (MSN)

The aim is to offer her fans a private and personalised time with her. Well, not her, but her artificially created clone. 

Caryn has faced some backlash regarding her AI, but she believes that it is a step in the right direction when it comes to curing loneliness.

Check out what she had to say about her motivation behind creating the personalised chatbot. Which we might add took "over 2,000 hours designing and coding", so that users could get an "immersive AI experience". (NBC News)

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