Instant karma for man with road rage

Instant karma for man with road rage

This is why you must always keep your cool on the roads...

A driver running in a fit of rage toward another car
A driver running in a fit of rage toward another car/TikTok Screenshot/@10newsfirst

No one wants to be a victim of road rage. It is something that we all want to avoid. 

The above is from the perspective of a person who doesn't want to be injured or worse in a fit of rage on the roadside over something silly. 

A classic example of how sometimes displaced anger can cause you to become a road-raged individual was displayed on the streets of Victoria, Australia recently. 

The video that was captured on a dash camera shows a driver stopping his vehicle and walking towards another vehicle, quite angrily might we add. 

The road-raged man walked quite aggressively towards the car and when he reached the car, he shouted at the man in the car and then realised the police were behind him. 

The man is instantly served up karma when the police run after him and he speedily tries to get away. 

Watch the video from TikTok below. 


Dashcam footage has captured a moment of instant karma, with a road raging man getting the shock of a lifetime. The footage, captured at an undetermined location in Victoria, shows a man exiting his vehicle, approaching the vehicle behind in full fight mode, before fleeing in fear as two Police officers emerge to give chase. The metal soundtrack of the filming car? It only adds to things. This is cinema.

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Guys, we know you are all a little stressed at this time of the year, but let's use this as a lesson to chill when on the roads.

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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