Introducing the 'human birds' protecting a British zoo

Introducing the 'human birds' protecting a British zoo

Now that's something we bet you never thought you would live to hear...

A human dressed in a bird costume
A human dressed in a bird costume/Instagram Screenshot/@bbcnews

Traditionally, scarecrows were used by farmers to scare away crows from their crops. 

But they also served as a deterrent to other pesky animals that would come through and munch on the crops. 

Interestingly, a zoo in England has built on this idea in a rather creative way.

After the Blackpool Zoo in Lancashire, United Kingdom found that the seagulls were becoming a real problem at their zoo, they decided to think outside the box. 

They found seagulls persistently stealing food from guests and animals - and it was becoming a growing concern. 

Therefore the "zoo is trying to recruit a team of people to wear bird costumes and scare away nuisance seagulls." (BBC News)

"The successful candidates would join the visitor services team as seagull deterrents. And the recruits would be required to be outgoing and comfortable wearing a bird costume". (BBC News)

It is a bit of an absurd job advertisement, but what was more interesting to us is the irony in it all. A human bird has now become the scarecrow of society. 


Image Courtesy of Instagram

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