How do you feel about taking pics of your food?

How do you feel about taking pics of your food?

SA Content Creator jokes that people should not take pics of their food, instead they should just eat and leave. 

Woman taking photo of food with mobile phone
Woman taking photo of food with mobile phone/Pexels/@TheGoodBurger

The social media frenzy has definitely impacted the way we experience things in life. 

From food to activities, if you don't see someone recording their experience or photographing something, then it feels almost unnatural. 

We can understand that photographing things leaves people with tangible proof of their experience, it allows them to look back on that moment and reminisce. 

But popular South African content creator, Wade Cloete, recently made a short, but sweet video regarding food snaps. 

He boldly says in the video that taking photos of your food is "unnecessary". His 'matter-of-fact' demeanour does remind us that keeping our experiences (even our foodie ones) real is slowly depleting in society. 

Ironically, the thing that is said to help us be 'social' actually ostracises us from actually being 'social'. 

We do appreciate his humour but we have to admit that brings up a deeper issue in society about social media. 

Watch him in the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@wade.cloete Are we all clear on this??🙏🏼#lifegrandcafe #restaurant #food #photos #phone #eat #lunch #lifegrandcafewaterfront #mzansicomedy #capetown #jokes ♬ original sound - Wade


What was even funnier was that he admitted to taking pics of his food and sharing it on social media...

Ah, the joys of being a social media junkie...

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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