Japanese man dresses like cute girl and fools everyone

Japanese man dresses like cute girl and fools everyone

When your looks don't quite match your voice...

A Japanese male dressed as a female
A Japanese male dressed as a female/X Screenshot/@1293Maron

In Japan, it is normal to find men dressed up as women without being labelled in any sort of way. 

One man who did an amazing job at cosplaying has won over people with his amusing content.

Himenii is a Japanese male influencer and he claimed his rise to fame by dressing up as a cute Japanese girl.

"Japan is home to many male cosplayers who choose to wear female clothes and fool everyone with their appearance, but Himenii is one of the few who uses this talent to create funny content for his online fans." (Oddity Central)

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If you are not familiar with the term 'cosplay', it refers to any act of dressing in costume. 

What's the twist? Well, instead of sticking to the quiet and timid stereotypical ideal, he openly speaks in his deep voice under the guise of a cute girl. 

Watch a snippet of his content below from X. The copy of the post reads: "When I picked up a beautiful woman who was smoking, I was shot back lol" (As translated with Google Translate)


Himenii revealed that he has always liked women's clothing, but it was the pressure from his parents to be more 'masculine' that pushed him to start "posing like a girl". 

We loved it when he said that he didn't associate dressing up as a woman as embarrassing, in fact, he said: "Wearing women’s clothes is the manliest game that only real men can play" (Oddity Central)

Image Courtesy of X

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