Joburg content creator asks KFC to cook a live chicken

Joburg content creator asks KFC to cook a live chicken

"You are not allowed to bring a live chicken in here..."

Man holding live chicken at food outlet
Man holding live chicken at food outlet/YouTube Screenshot/@LebogangLeisa

There's no doubt that we have some of the best content creators in the world.

We think the reason they are so great is because they use their personalised life experience to create content. 

And as you know, that is a hands down winner because people find it relatable. 

People are clucking with laughter at one popular South African content creator, Lebogang Leisa

He decided to do something completely unorthodox and unheard of as part of his most recent content mission. 

Leisa went in search of a live chicken on the streets of Johannesburg, all in the name of entertainment. 

At the beginning of his video, which has over 31,000 views, we see him driving in the city of Johannesburg in search of a live chicken. Unfortunately, when he gets to the desired location, he clucked out and had to find an alternate method of getting a live chicken. 

What better way than to search online... and believe it or not, his online search was successful. 

WATCH him take the live chicken to several chicken fast food outlets to ask them if they can prepare the chicken for him. 

Courtesy of YouTube


Mzansi definitely gave him a wing up for this video and were quite impressed with his content. 

Besides him getting the positive feedback from social media users, the people that he approached went along with his silliness - for the most part anyway. 

And that says a lot about our country's people, always ready for a good laugh. Hey, after everything that we are going through, at least we can still share a laugh together. 

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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