This kid and his dad rock the dad jokes

This kid and his dad rock the dad jokes

When your kid has the same 'dad joke' gene as you...

Father sitting on chair and laughing
Father sitting on chair and laughing/TikTok Screenshot/@littel_johnny

Sometimes all we need are dad jokes in our lives...

It's the solution to any bad day and if you think otherwise, then you definitely are not part of our tribe. 

This father, who does duet videos with his son and sometimes his daughter, is hilarious.

And, most of all, it seems they are all about the funny. Definitely our type of people. 

Now we have to admit that the context of the video that grabbed our attention wasn't something to joke about. 

But the fact that this kid could make that connection and deliver it in such a way, does show a promising future for this young dad joke connoisseur. 

WATCH the video below. It may be sensitive to some, so, if you're sensitive, do not watch. Courtesy of TikTok

@littel_johnny Well there was a kidnapping! #dadjokes #comedy #minnesota #winona #kickasslife ♬ original sound - Littel_Johnny

And just for laughs, here's another one that caught our attention. 

Courtesy of TikTok.


The sun of my life

♬ original sound - Littel_Johnny


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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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