Lady shares how she was left shook by her Bolt driver

Lady shares how she was left shook by her Bolt driver

An interesting ride...

A driver holds his head whilst driving
A driver holds his head whilst driving/TikTok Screenshot/@nganeyedlozi

Hearing something like that might scare some people, considering there is always this thought that lingers about your safety when entering a private taxi. 

But this was scary for another reason. 

A woman who hired out a Bolt says she was left traumatised as her driver bumped and jived to his music. 

At first glance, of course, we thought what's the big deal, but the thing is he is over feeling the music. 

To the point where he looked like he was in a music video. 

And we think there is a certain standard of professionalism that needs to come as a private taxi driver. And looking down whilst driving doesn't really make your passenger aka your customer feel safe. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok


izinto azishoyo kimi😳

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Nevertheless, we think that maybe he was showing off his moves as a means to seem cool in front of her. 

Word of advice, to most ladies, this is not attractive. 

So, better to stay professional and keep cool. Ask the lady if she would like any particular music, don't assume she will like you bumping it up in the car. 

What has this generation come to?

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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